Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 538 Issue Date: 26 Aug, 2019

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Team Leader Patrick Lebailly presenting at Conference

The GSE Team Presentation


We welcomed the inbound Group Study Exchange Team from District 1640, Normandy, France.
Team Leader Patrick Lebailly introduced himself. He runs a “Do it yourself” business, a bit like a mini Bunnings! He is 53, and president elect of his Rotary Club. He has a 28 yo son, a doctor, and a 23 yo daughter, an architect. He loves traveling especially to the US where he has friends, and is passionate about fishing!
Sarah Barbey, 27, is an Agricultural Scientist who specializes in gene detection, but seems to spend a lot of time caring for animals, especially cows!
Vanessa Lakdar, 28 is proud that she comes from the butter and cream area of France! She is engaged, has a cat and is a ju-jitsu champion. She enjoys reading and dancing. She went on to describe some geography and history of Normandy. She has learned to be careful of the pronunciation of beaches! Her region of Normandy is famous for dairy and beef cattle as well as thoroughbred racing and trotting horses. A yearling can fetch 100K Euros!! A large amount of grain is exported through Rouen, and fishing for shellfish, lobsters and fish is huge! And of course, they can cook this lot like no-one else can do in the world!
Adnen Zahouani, 30, is an electrical appliance retailer who manages a team of 30 in his department. This involves sales in all sorts of appliances as well as computers and phones. He has an interest in business and customer relations and loves to party! He loves cooking and football! (Soccer to us!) Adnen went on to describe some of the industries in Normandy, including the food, motor vehicle, petrochemical and tourist industries. They have 4 nuclear power stations and are building a state of the art 5th!

GSE team and club representatives with their banners

Vanessa Lakdar presents with support from the team

Sebastien Brognard, 28, is a golfing professional and teacher, who has a dog named Tiger! He enjoys all forms of spots including tennis, running, cycling and loves the arts and museums. He noted that Perth has more golf courses than the whole of Normandy, so he wants to stay here! He claimed to be engaged to the future Miss France! (That got the blokes drooling!-ed) He presented some of the regions fabulous architectural splendors including the amazing Mont Saint Michelle.

We were then all invited to visit their fabulous country where a warm welcome would be guaranteed! The team was warmly thanked by Geraldton President Bob Urquart who informed us they will be flying to the Abrolhos tomoorow for some exploration and snorkeling

Author: Ian Taylor

Published: 24 April, 2010


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