Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 489 Issue Date: 17 Sep, 2018

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PCYC- We Change Lives

GUEST SPEAKER Taylia Quinn from the Geraldton Police and Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) is introduced by Scott Bennett. She has been the manager for the last 6 months and has been involved there for the last three years. Taylia comes from a fitness background. PCYC’s vision – We Change Lives.

With Tony Emmott at the controls of the laptop for Taylia anything can happen… and it doesn’t. We might as well have been doing the Hokey Pokey!

Taylia moves on without electronic support until Tony gets the laptop organised…

  1. They are trying to do different things at PCYC: They are currently running some educational programmes through the school holidays and have taken kids to the RSL, the Police Station and some young offenders and youth at risk to Kalbarri. The PCYC is developing the idea of camps and excursions e.g. to a shearing shed.

  2. PCYC has also re-invented their Back on Track speedway program with ¼ Midgets, a small speedway car. The Mid West Development Commission has given them $20,000 to revamp their 5 cars. The idea is to provide kids who have changed their behaviour and attitudes to become role models.

    Demolition Derby Cars

Holiday fun

  • Another program is the Healthy Minds – Healthy Bodies and PCYC have developed a relationship with Headspace. PCYC will work with 12-25 year olds and they want to take this program into schools next term.

  • The Demo Derby project is continuing with Jason Jones from WAPOL and Geraldton Speedway involved. Automotive skills are mixed in with changing behaviours and providing meals. A big challenge!

  • Fighting Back against Parkinsons’ – Boxing for Recovery (for older men mainly) is running twice a week.

  • Youth Disco’s are run in conjunction with the local police.

  • They are also working with MEEDAC on their edible garden project at the back of PCYC.

  • The PCYC does have some issues with funding though… and if they had some dollars they would like to do an outreach programme to Mullewa working in with WA Country Health.

  • Providing food to underfed kids is also a priority. They have some help from Foodbank but they need more donations.

  • They are also seeking some donations of outdoor furniture. Can you help?

  • GUEST SPEAKER THANKS by the silent one Tony Emmott.

    Author: Ian Taylor

    Published: 8 October, 2017


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