Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 501 Issue Date: 10 Dec, 2018

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Top Table today!


Doc ‘Breeze’ Taylor: thanks the Woodies aka The Goodies for their sterling work on the Breeze. He also thanks P Moore and D Bruce for their work re hospital beds. The manager of the recently extended and renovated Opel Nursing Home contacted Ian for assistance in redeploying a considerable quantity of unwanted equipment, including treatment and food trolleys and beds. The problem was storage and then transport to Perth so the gear could be loaded into a container for transport to a Rotary supported Third World country hospital.  Pete Moore and Douglas Bruce answered the call, not only assisting with local transport and storage, but arranging transport to Perth by trailer provided gratis by Highway AutoBarn.

Doc also notes that the University of Newcastle’s Science Challenge is on again. All Yr 9/10 students are eligible. More details available from Richard Malacarri at Geraldton Club?

Kevin “I’m a Saint” Watson: re Headspace Colour Rave. We will be working from 9am this Friday starting outside Multi User Building on foreshore. We need people with Utes and Pick-ups.

Thin Woodie: A reminder on Mens’ Breakfast on 24/11 here at Geraldton Club. It focuses on men against violence and is part of White Ribbon Day. Please see poster in this edition of the Breeze. (Don’t forget to put it in Doc!) (Done!! -Doc)

Thought for the Day

Details on the Men's Breakfast

The Black Douglas Bruce: Thanks to Brendan at AutoBarn for the use of a trailer to help with moving hospital beds. I think this is what he said… he needs to learn the Queen’s English!

..and and and then Doc with a final word: Thanks to Moorey (P) and Douglas (B) re assistance with medical equipment. Did I hear applause at this point? (We do love to take the proverbial out of Black Douglas and Morey, but they exemplify what Rotary is all about!!.-Doc)

…and and and and then Moorey with an extra final word: Bicycles for Humanity is still looking for more bikes. “Bring out your dead, Bring out your dead!”

President Viki: Along with other women Presidents of local Rotary Clubs she was guest speaker at WIBBs – Women in Breakfast Business. (Ha ha! had to leave that in, is breakfast the only business they are in??-Doc) Had an hour to get the Rotary message across. There are still a lot of myths out there e.g. have to be retired, have to be a man. (Any potential membership leads Madam Pres?)

Author: Grant Woodhams

Published: 29 October, 2017


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