Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 484 Issue Date: 13 Aug, 2018

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Connor, Sarah & Jasmine from Nagle college, friends & partners of Rotarians & Charlie Brown the dog!

Cans for Christmas!

On Sunday the 26th of November members of the Rotary club of GG and their partners with the help of Connor , Sarah & Jasmine from Nagle College walked the streets of Tarcoola beach & Mahomets Flats to collect food items from the residents of these suburbs. A shopping bag and request for food items had been delivered the week before.The recipient of these items was the Geraldton branch of Foodbank.

After 2 hours of collecting , the end result was the filling of almost 2 large potatoe crates which hold approximately 500kg each. At 11.00 am the manager of Foodbank Jamie O’brien arrived to load all the bags into the crates which were in the Foodbank truck. Jamie was appreciative of the response from the generous people from the western suburbs and said that it was excellent timing coming up to the busy Christmas period.

Foodbank Geraldton general manager Jamie O’brien with Geoff Wood.

Loading the Foodbank truck

He also spoke of the dire situation many of the Geraldton community were in due to tough times and that only last week an elderly lady had collapsed at foodbank as she hadn’t eaten for three days.

The organiser Geoff Wood mentioned that he was happy with the result being our first attempt and is looking forward to doing it bigger and better next year.

Once the work had been completed Sue & Geoff Wood treated those in attendance to a delicious lunch washed down with ample cold refreshments.

Author: Kevin Watson

Published: 26 November, 2017


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