Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 472 Issue Date: 21 May, 2018

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THE MOORE ON: Back on deck again we slipped into our running game with announcements from the Moorester himself re bicycles for humanity.

Black Douglas with a vocational visit update – PCYC on Jan 31st at 5.30pm and Shine Aviation on 28/3. Thank you Black Douglas for passing around the YES/NO attendance sheet.

BUT wo-betide anyone who notifies the affirmative and fails to show!!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY with Terrence Stewart … a little late in the run down, but theoretically and realistically this is the tale of a man, his wife, a daughter, two sons and David Beckham, the famous English footballer and the loss of three million dollars …

Author: Grant Woodhams

Published: 16 January, 2018


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