Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 537 Issue Date: 19 Aug, 2019

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Our Police Friends

Strategies for Crime Prevention

Guest Speaker Sgt Drew Pardoe is introduced by Jim Dillon.

Drew has been a policeman for twenty one years and today is the anniversary of his joining. He has mainly worked in Wagin, Albany, Merredin and Geraldton. He says a lot of things have changed from the cars they drove (column shifts on XE/XF Falcons) to the types of guns they carry (from old wooden or rubber handled revolvers to Glocks) and the extensive use of computers and cameras.


His beat is the Mid West from Cervantes to Carnarvon to Meekatharra and all points in between. He has written a ‘crime strategy’ on what local Police need to do with their dollars. The emphasis being on reducing crime but also reducing other social problems like car crashes. So far this year crime is down 5% across the board.


Drew believes that community involvement is central to their success and acknowledges the work we do with PCYC. One of the major issues they know contend with is social media and he reflected on the ‘Karloo fight’ that was recently on facebook that saw seven people end up in custody. The involvement of other agencies like Department of Child Protection, Department of Housing and Department of Education was vital to fight crime.


One of the areas we can improve is by not leaving cars and houses unlocked and so providing soft targets. He acknowledges that Police need to be more visible and they need to let people know what they are doing. He asks that we do get involved in their programmes like Crime Stoppers. If we see something that doesn’t seem right then call the Police.

Sgt. Drew Pardoe

Sergeant Jason


So far the Crime Strategy that he has written has been successful and it has recently been picked up by the Bunbury Office. However he believes that Police are not above criticism and that feedback to them is important.


Drew Pardoe introduces his fellow officer Snr Constable Nerina Lydiate who has been involved with WA Police since 1990. She has three children and has worked part time for many years. She has only recently transferred up from Perth.



Brother Thick – “Why are school aged kids on the streets during school hours?” Ans: Truants, most likely from same are

Huge Layabout (born in Merredin) – “What do you want from us?”    Ans:  Secure your property and be more neighbourly

Ian 3 Questions Johnno – “Tell us about Optus Oval policing.”    Ans:    The new way - common over east

Vote of thanks from Lew Hills.

Author: Grant Woodhams

Published: 16 February, 2018


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