Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 538 Issue Date: 26 Aug, 2019

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2 months in France! News from the other side of the world

This last month in France has easily been one of the best months in my life! I had my first school vacation which happens every 6 weeks and it is a 2 week holiday. The first week I went from Paris to Barcelona, seeing all the sights alongside 30 other exchange students I now think of as family! I fulfilled my childhood dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower and of course I cried because 2 other exchange students made me close my eyes until I was standing right in front of it, it was a magical moment. I spent my 18th birthday skiing, where on the last day I only fell down once!!

I was quite upset to come back and start school one short day after such a hectic vacation full of travelling and no work, but back to school it was. I have started to try writing in French and Rotary tests us often to see how our French is progressing, last week less than 2 months in the newbies had our first written test.

This last week has been extremley "rotary" orientated. Tuesday and Friday last week I had parties with my club to fundraise and catch up with rotary friends, Saturday I was with my district talking to the next French outbounds, and Sunday I helped my rotary club picking up rubbish down the canals and we easily filled up around 30 large bags, it was very refreshing to do something that I knew was making a difference! And last night I finally did my presentation (all in French) and it was very well recieved and I think we may have a few visitors to Geraldton in the future I hope!

This weekend I am trying rowing for the first time, and Monday I am going for a horse riding lesson. Say yes to everything right?

Until next time!

Rachel :) 

Author: Rachel Jupp

Published: 23 March, 2018


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