Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 493 Issue Date: 15 Oct, 2018

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What's happening with Rachel

Hey everyone!

Wow what a hectic couple of weeks it has been! My temporary family were amazing. I got to watch the latest avengers movie with my host brother, and then they took me to Paris for the weekend. We went on the boat along the Seine, ate the most amazing crepes of my life which had rice and curry inside and then for dessert banana, cream, icecream and chocolate and caramel sauce, I died. Then I went to the Grand Palais and looked at the 'Artists and Robots' art exhibition. That night we went to a nice restaurant and I laughed so hard with my host family, it was the first time I laughed so hard I cried while speaking French! Milestone! The next day I got to climb the Eiffel Tower which was an absolute dream come true, and spend the afternoon with an amazing parisian musician family and then watching my first weird french theatre show that night. I also got to try out archery a couple times with my host parents because they are trainers which was a fun experience. I also cooked them zucchini slice one night for dinner and I was surprised at how much they loved it.

I then changed to my actual second host family and I am very happy here. I got to spend the weekend in Dunkerque with my exchange best friend Kyra from Namibia, I swam for the first time in France, ate gelato, went bike riding along the beach, went ice skating, and even joined in on a free zumba class on the street and I got interviewed, so if you see me on the news, it was just for dancing. 

Monday was back to school after a month long vacation which was extremley hard but it is the only day of school I have this week fortunately. Yesterday my host sister and I invited friends over to spend the day having a barbeque because it got to 30 degrees which was amazing. Then last night I went to a castle with my host family and we watched musicians and a dancer from the Middle East perform which was incredible. 

I am having the most amazing time and am grateful for every day. I just want to thank you all as always for this oppurtunity. Oh and tomorrow, I'm just popping over to London for the weekend with my rotary district, so lucky!

Until next week

Author: Rachel Jupp

Published: 10 May, 2018


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