Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 497 Issue Date: 12 Nov, 2018

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Something special from us

Guest Speaker

Our inbound student, Lola, leaves us on 8th July after her year as our guest and today was her moment in the sun.

Lola presented a power point/slide show that highlighted her year in Australia

  • Best Year of her life
  • 15 different countries represented in her exchange year in WA
  • Now has friends from all over the world
  • The Watson’s Kevin and Lara were amazing first hosts…
  • She visited Geraldton Wildlife Park
  • Attended Nagle Spring Dance. They don’t have such things in Germany
  • Spent a Rotary Exchange student weekend in Quindanning
  • Snorkelled from Phil Martin’s boat (they caught one fish…) (thanks Phil)
  • Did the ‘Colour Run’ in Perth
  • Visited Raj Mavath’s Balingup farm and shore alpacas. (thanks Raj)
  • Did the Sydney Trip and loved it especially the ferries and the New Year’s fireworks
  • Visited the Blue Mountains in NSW
  • Went to Esperance met kangaroos on the beach
  • ‘climbed’ Wave Rock
  • Went to the Year 12 Formal Dance, which she described as …”…intimidating…”…
  • (thanks to Graeme Bylund for providing the car)
  • Took SCUBA diving lessons and is now qualified
  • St Pats day at school
  • Visited Kalbarri National Park. (thanks Pres Viki)
  • Attended Rotary conference in Geraldton.
  • Spent time at Geraldton’s HMAS Sydney Memorial
  • Did the Camino Salvado walk from Subiaco to New Norcia
  • Flew to the Abrolhos (thanks John Gooch)
  • Took part in NW Safari and was one of 11 people in a 3 person tent
  • Questions from Ray Haynes on climate; Phil Martin on Camino Walk; Steve Muir on her educational future in Germany. Geoff Wood praised Lola’s command of English and her great confidence.

    Vote of thanks by Douglas Bruce.

    Gift giving by Viki Fennell

    Author: Grant Woodhams

    Published: 21 June, 2018


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