Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 511 Issue Date: 18 Feb, 2019

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A very overdue update from France

Hi everyone!

As always, sorry for the late update, I wrote a big update a few weeks ago but apparently technology hates me and deleted it.

I am at the absolute peak of my exchange at the moment. Everything is good; my french, my friends, my relationship with my rotarians, my relationship with host families, everything has just come together. I love my class at school this year which is making such a difference, my principal teacher who is our teacher for Economics and Sociology absolutely loves having me in the class and makes me do a "Rachel's minute" every day where I teach them something about Australia, me, or something interesting happening in the world. 

I have just been visited by my parents (the real ones- Helen and Norm), and I got to show them my life here which was amazing, safe to say they were pretty impressed to have their daughter as their (free) translator. I was hesitant about them coming, but I think it was an amazing thing for them to see with their own eyes the life I have built for myself here and the connections I have made, because I can talk and talk about it but no one really understands until they see it for themselves. They met my friends, host families, and my rotarians threw them a party where I sat in the kitchen with another exchange student while they were all drinking french wines and singing "Frère Jacques" all together which was a funny experience for me. I'm sure some of you wouldn't be surprised the report of my Dad from most people was "Wow, your Dad talks a lot doesn't he." 

With Mum and Dad at the Moulin Rouge

Now it is holidays and my host family has been taking me to chateau's, I am spending Halloween in Belgium at a horror theme park with my host siblings, then this weekend we are going to Amsterdam (only 3 hours away!)

Then next week back to school unfortunaetly but I am glad to see my class again! And in 4 weeks is my big exam to have the diploma of B2 in French (the level to study at university and work in France) so I am also busy working away to give myself the best chance of passing... but we shall see how it all goes!

Thinking of everyone back in Geraldton!

Kind regards


Author: Rachel Jupp

Published: 31 October, 2018


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