Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 550 Issue Date: 18 Nov, 2019

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Ray Morton

Teaching butterflies to fly in formation with guest Speaker Ray Morton (introduced by Ray Haynes)

Ray Morton was born in northern Victoria and spent his early school years there before completing high school in Melbourne. He worked on the family farm and then joined the Bureau of Meteorology working in such places as Albany, Carnarvon, Cobar, Derby, Geraldton, Halls Creek, Lord Howe Is and Perth Airport. He met his wife , Hilary in Geraldton and they purchased a block at Bringo. They built a house on the block and Ray worked for area farmers until he became the gardener at Allendale PS. He left after ten years to work at Geraldton Industrial Metal Fabricators. He retired from there eight years ago. Ray has been a member of Rostrum for over fifty years... and this morning he is going to talk to us about... Rostrum.

Rostrum started in Manchester in the UK and spread to Australia with English immigrants. Ray described what Rostrum does – teaches you how to speak confidently in public in different situations – and how Rostrum meetings work.  He described the reasons for making a speech as 1) amusing your audience 2) informing your audience 3) persuading your audience.

PDG Hugh with Ray and certificate!

Ray says the Geraldton Rostrum (Rostrum 14) club is perilously low with regard to membership with their current numbers hovering around six. Recent amendments to the Associations Act had made their life even more difficult. He offered us all the opportunity of attending and possibly joining. Their next meeting is 16th May at 6.15pm at the Geraldton Hotel. All welcome!

Questions from Kevin Watson, Viki Fennell, Ian Johnson and Ray Haynes.

Hugh Lavery presents Ray Morgan with an old Rostrum Trophy.

Ian Taylor does guest speaker thanks.

For more information on Rostrum -

Author: Grant Woodhams

Published: 12 May, 2019


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