Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 611 Issue Date: 18 Jan, 2021

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Heather presents

Geraldton Flexible Learning Centre


Heather Brett spoke on her role as Head of Campus    Youth+ Geraldton Flexible Learning Centre 

During her presentation Heather highlighted the four principles upon which EREA schools are founded;   Respect; Participation: Honesty and their actions must be safe and legal.

More details are available on the website;  and then click on Edmund Rice education Australia.

A conversation with Heather post meeting indicated that the reason for the somewhat limited website information access is the schools' deliberate policy to "fly under the radar" and this is done for security reasons.

Thought for the day?

Busy meeting!

During a very inspiring talk Heather demonstrated that she has refined her Art of "connection" with Youth and children.  She highlighted the importance of attendance and participation and that in Geraldton incredible family dysfunction is found only a few streets away from our main thoroughfares.

Heathers' understanding of and commitment to her job can best be understood in her quote of the day, when she said: “This is our Community--and it belongs to all of us!!"

Peter Moore stopped back after the meeting to discuss with Heather how B4H could assist with some bicycles for use by students during school projects.                                                 

Our new Senior Cit. of the Year, again.. making a difference!

Author: Bill Frazer

Published: 2 February, 2020


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