Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 582 Issue Date: 29 Jun, 2020

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Arriving in style, but not sure about the Undertaker!

Myjka is having a Ball!

Myjkas corner:     

And Myjka "has been having a Ball!  and yes, Myjka has been having a ball since she arrived in Geraldton and on this goes thanks to many of our Members.  But, since our last meeting Myjka has been to a real Ball.    Dressed to kill and chauffered in style by our own "Mr. Everywhere man" Douglas Bruce. 

Myjka has also participated in her School Swim Carnival and her team scored a meritoreus third placement!  Well done Myjka!                                                           

Myjka has also now organised a raffle to raise funds for her participation in the North West Safari.  This is the annual trip for Rotary inbound Exchange students.  Tickets are on sale and can be bought at Maccas Quiz night!!  Thanks to all members who have donated prizes!! 

Author: Bill Frazer

Published: 1 March, 2020


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