Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 587 Issue Date: 3 Aug, 2020

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Back to normal soon!!



We are back !!

Wednesday 17th June we are back F2F at The Geraldton Club.

In order to do this some protocols need to be followed:

  1. When you register, you must sanitize. Necessary sanitizer will be at the top of the stairs.

  2. Be aware of seating spacing in Rotary Hall.

  3. Hand sanitize before going to breakfast.

  4. Buffet servery will be a little different. Only one line with appropriate spacing.

There will be NO Guest Speaker as we need to see how the new arrangements will affect our timeline.

There WILL be a fine session so think back over the last 12 weeks about your behaviour/stupidity. (Lew you are on fines)

The roster is posted so please check duties. (Tony is an apology and Rob is on leave) Terry, can you do TFTD?

We will endeavour to have some form of Zoom functioning. (Hugh)

Stabba, time to get off your a—e and get the meeting flowing!!

Dire news - brewers Lyon Nathan have been cyber hacked, beer supply is disrupted. 

RCGG Board has proposed to restructure our membership fees, an email will be sent outlining changes. Geoff will meet with Treasurer Jim Dillon to discuss same on Friday 12/6. 

Bring him back!!!!

Changeover dinner has been set for Saturday night July 25th. Venue still to be determined.


Viki Fennell

Maja Kalinowska [IBES] will be going to Shark Bay this weekend. She is doing her final presentation to us at breakfast on 24/6. At this stage she is booked to fly home to Poland on 2/7. 

Tony Emmott

TFTD - From the Sicilian Herald..."...innuendo is Italian for suppository..."...

Legacy Golf Day - proposed for end of August, but still needs some consideration and planning.

Music for Dementia - access to aged care facilities remains difficult, Covid19 is the priority.

Pres Geoff Wood says re MFD that he has had an inquiry from RC of Woy Woy NSW. 

Grant Woodhams

With resumption of face to face meetings, guest speakers will again be contacted to check on their availability.

Phil Martin

Looking at creating a permanent zoom (or similar) electronic meeting aid in 'Rotary Hall' to enable all meeting to be accessed by members or guests unable to attend f/f.


Author: Grant Woodhams

Published: 14 June, 2020


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Setup & Door
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05 Aug, 20
Geoff Watson
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Douglas Bruce
Hugh Lavery
12 Aug, 20
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Viki Fennell
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26 Aug, 20
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