Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 528 Issue Date: 17 Jun, 2019

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Joey Schoeppner and Tarnya Fowler

Guest Speakers


Guest Speakers, Joey Schoeppner and Tarnya Fowler, both from the NAB, introduced by Oscar D’Souza.
Joey and Tarnya did a joint presentation representing the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.
Ovarian Cancer is a malignant tumour of the Ovaries and is the 4th most common cancer affecting women, killing one woman every 10 hours in Australia. Most cancers occur in post menopausal women and 95% have no known predisposing genetic risk factors. Symptoms are vague and non specific, often resulting in late diagnosis with resulting poorer prognosis. The diagnosis is made on history, examination, imaging (Ultra sound, CT scanning and MRI) and biopsy, though laparoscopy or laparotomy.

Joey and Tarnya with Elly Slootmans

The OCRF was founded in 2000 with the aims of improving early detection and the long term survival of women with ovarian cancer, and increase the understanding of its causes. Over the last seven years, a partnership with NAB has raised over three million dollars.
How can we assist? By supporting the OCRF Masquerade Ball & Charity Auction to be held at the QE2 Centre on October 31! This is an 18+ event and tickets are $40 from all Midwest NAB branches or from Joey on 99658713
Joey and Tarnya were thanked by Elly Slootmans and presented with the usual wine glasses.

Author: Ian Taylor

Published: 6 September, 2009


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