Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 500 Issue Date: 3 Dec, 2018

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Because of an unfortunate late notification, the meeting was light on numbers but proved enlightening for those present.

Sergeant Dan (with NO Google info), passed to President Jason, who quickly handballed (with a twist) to Lew Hills, for invocation.

Lew informed us that he joined Rotary with Pete Svensson under the Presidency of Shain Forth, and then delivered Invocation with aplomb. 

Thought For The Day:

Husband and wife conversation:

Husband: Do you have time for a “Quickie”?

Wife: As opposed to “What”?


IBES Koki (with new haircut) introduced by WXL

Guest Speaker Doc Taylor introduced by Sven. 

Breakfast: Back to the old Top, Right, Left.

Geoff Wood

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Setup & Door
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05 Dec, 18
Clark Scarff
Raj Mavath
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12 Dec, 18
Hugh Lavery
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19 Dec, 18
Ian Taylor
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