Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 543 Issue Date: 30 Sep, 2019

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Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) Team

Ian, Mika, Arch, Chris, Peter, lil' Declan, Douglas, John

Vocational Visit

Our meeting this week was held at the Geraldton Base for Bicycles for Humanity

B4H Geraldton Workshop Report

2017    David Tucker, a Rotarian from Perth was guest speaker at our Rotary Club in Geraldton.  He suggested that we could collect pushbikes for needy village people in Africa. We collected 100 pushbikes and sent them to Perth for restoration.

2018   We started a B4H Workshop in Wandina, Geraldton. We collected 200 pushbikes from all over including Police Property office, PCYC, Revolutions  Bikes, local tip, members of the public and other Rotary Clubs, etc. These bikes were fully restored and delivered to the B4H HQ in Perth. 

Jamie Brindle in Perth and other volunteers assisted with supplying parts and bikes for repair by Geraldton crew. They get bikes from Train & Bus stations and numerous sources. 

Geraldton workshop donated bikes to numerous local needy people and organisations including Mullewa Youth centre and others.

September 2019  Geraldton Workshop supplied 159 pushbikes to B4H Perth, Mullewa, Walkaway, Geraldton, Mental Health, Legacy, Rotary Exchange students and various individuals.

B4H have sent bikes to Namibia, Mozambique, Uganda, etc where the local people set up bike shops using the 40 foot Containers. B4H supply these full of bikes, sometimes up to 500 bikes, parts and tools etc. B4H also train the locals how to operate small businesses and repair bikes. We also restock bikes to the same people.

I had the pleasure of meeting two men in Perth from Africa. They told me how much it means to the poor village people who often get family members to pitch in and purchase a bike which is shared with others. They are used to go to Hospital, to work and transport several people, animals and other cargo.

B4H pays for the containers, transport, duty on arrival and the cost of training local people. Luckily we are financed by local and varied businesses and individuals. 

We are lucky to have a core of dedicated members at our Geraldton B4H workshop.

We need funds and donations of suitable bikes to continue with our local workshop.  We also need more willing workers.

We meet on  Thursdays, from 9:00 AM,  at 27 Eakins Cr, Wandina, Geraldton 6530.  Phone  0427509064,

Special thanks to so many who make this a great local charity which benefits so many needy people.  You know who you are.


Peter Moore



President:   Geoff Wood    0417 966 262 

Secretary:     Hugh Lavery     0419 045 203

Inbound Exchange Student  Maja  0477 905 618

For funding or assistance please download this Application


Music for Dementia 

enquiries please EMAIL with your contact details and outline how we may help you

Headphones can be purchased directly:

Click on the links below:

Product No: AA2128 (headset)  $29.95

Product No: XC4989 (16GB sd Card) $19.95


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