Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 569 Issue Date: 30 Mar, 2020

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Virtually There!!

Discussion was mostly about the current situation and we had some great insights from Jasmyne Paull, our Exchange student to Italy, who has returned home.  Jasmyne is on her last day of self-isolation but noted that, along with the isolation in Italy, she had been out of society for 5-6 weeks. 

Doc Taylor will endeavour to arrange an ABC interview for Jasmyne. (This was done and well received by the ABC, thanks Jasmyne!-Doc)

Tony Emmott added some levity with his Thought for the Day (now that Terry has retired)  that, “he thought French fries were from France, but had discovered that they were made in Grease!!”  Needless to say, although funny, there was a collective, light-hearted groan from the collective.

President Geoff outlined that Foodbank is in dire straits, due mainly to stockpiling, and they have a need for funds so they can restock.  The Board will consider a proposal to donate $5000 to open an account for them at a local food outlet.

Bruce Ralph let us know that Pete and Sue Svensson are finally getting back from their holiday in NZ after some challenging times getting a flight home. (Seems this IS their real home after all!! -Doc)

The meeting finished after 30 mins (President Geoff was off to take advantage of Pensioner hours at the shops… ). And the Doc has his COVID update....

 Everyone agreed it was a good way to meet and would like to do so again next week.

Look forward to seeing you then.  Please keep in touch with each other and yell out if you need anything.

Yours In Rotary Service and Fellowship

Hugh Lavery,


Rotary Club of Geraldton-Greenough Inc.

Hugh Lavery



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