Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 661 Issue Date: 3 Jan, 2022

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Ute Load for Cans for Christmas!

Sitting in front of my computer, writing the final bulletin for 2021 and reflecting on the happenings of President Tom’s six months in the Chair is very satisfying.

Despite some ups and downs, we have had a very successful period of community assistance with all members contributing to our projects.

Well done everybody.

Back to the everyday!

Sergeant Jason called the rabble together and presented President Tom, who in turn welcomed everybody including the Zoomers, Hugh, Stabba and Kiwi Pete, now ensconced in Perth and New Zealand respectively.

Visiting Rotarian Russell Coight from Gingin, ("I’m only here to bag out with crays!!"), graced us with his presence, complete in Bluebaggers outfit.

Doc gave us Invocation and Toast , wearing that awful Dockers shirt which he has worn since the Christmas party. (Peewww!)

Terry told us about the snowball before we adjourned for breakfast, Jo, Top, Left, Right.

(A sincere thanks to "Team Breeze" this year, Grant, Bill, Jo and Geoff Wood! This issue's articles can be read by arrowing back to edition 659 over the next few weeks.

See you January 12 for our next meeting!)

Geoff Wood



President:  Tom Maina     0421 390 612

Secretary:     Hugh Lavery     0419 045 203


For funding or assistance please download this Application


Music for Dementia 

enquiries please EMAIL with your contact details and outline how we may help you

Headphones can be purchased directly:

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Product No: AA2128 (headset)  $29.95

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