Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 528 Issue Date: 17 Jun, 2019

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Pres Jason with Peter Milton

Carlton's finest Sargent welcomes Fremantle's finest President who welcomes Fennell V with invocation and toast.

Guests introduced. Our GS Peter Milton by Ray Haynes. No further guests.

Apologies from Dines l, Maina T, Houwen R, Emmott T, Muir S, Scarff C, Mitchell M, Bruce D, Horo K, Moore P... and so it goes

TFTD avec le Terre. Definitions – Bigamy v Monogamy both are one wife too many.

… Mumba Chalwe arrives hoping to join Rotary.

Grant Woodhams

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Peter Milton on using cows to help with mental health. Read More...
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Setup & Door
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19 Jun, 19
Peter Svensson
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Peter Svensson
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Grant Woodhams
26 Jun, 19
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Peter Svensson
03 Jul, 19
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