Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 570 Issue Date: 6 Apr, 2020

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Virtually There...Again!

Another great meeting this morning. 17 attendess – well 20 counting Dean, Sue, and Molly

Some good feedback from Jo Clarke (& Dean), slumming it at the Hyatt in Sydney, on their return form their sojourn in the US of A.  Also, Pete and Sue Svensson, in isolation in Geraldton, after a wonderful holiday in the land of the Long White Cloud.

Philythefish Martin was there, in his truck, isolated on his way to Yalgoo and Bluey Muir was back in Geraldton after being turned around, before he got going really.

Kerryn Horo was there, by herself because the rest of the family was in bed!  She did enjoy her breakfast tho’ …

Tony Emmott struggled with TFTD and then came up with a rather lame oldie and goldie involving National Geographic …??  There were some who felt we should bring Terry back from retirement.  Well, we will see what Tony comes up with next week….

Doc Taylor foreshadowed an upcoming potential problem in WA if we are too successful with the social distancing – this is getting some time in the news today. 

Doc has also asked people to send him anything they would like to see published in the Breeze – lol, particularly if they are stuck in a hotel with nothing better to do …..

President Geoff raised the issue of what our changeover may look like this year.  He has asked all Directors to prepare their annual report and send to Secretary Hugh for compilation of the Annual report.

From my perspective, it was great to see the power of Rotary Fellowship.  After the meeting Terry and Ian came back on for about 10—15 minutes and we “coffee” shopped how things were going.

Same time next week, looking forward to it already.  I will be keeping a meeting open all the time (I upgraded to Pro for $21 per month) and if anyone wishes to “drop-in” they can.  Good opportunity to test you Zoom app .

Board Meeting on Monday night.  Directors please send me your reports and agenda items.  Should be a long meeting and I will send the Zoom details and Agenda over the weekend.

Hugh Lavery



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