Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough - Issue No.: 468 Issue Date: 23 Apr, 2018

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Tom Gorman and Top Table mates!

Mild Mannered Clark Kent reports:

Sgt Pirro introduces PE Jason McCarthy who is acting President today. Jason gives an effusive and welcoming speech and calls upon Raj – Black Knight – Mavath for invocation and toast. Raj has a script, a new invocation and toast which he delivers superbly. Amen

Guests are introduced:

Kim Stokes introduces our guest speaker Tom Gorman (RC of Batavia Coast)

Dan Crisp introduces his brother Graham Crisp

Apologies recorded from Ray Haynes, Viki Fennell, Jim Dillon, Tony Emmott and Kevin Watson

TFTD avec Mister Stewart: SPAM

Breakfast: Top Table; losing football teams and then the rest…

Grant Woodhams

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Tom Gorman on Australian Rotary Health
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Setup & Door
Setup & Door
Guest Speaker Host
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Raffle & Rotary Cor
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Fines Master
25 Apr, 18
Douglas Bruce
Peter Sukiennik
Graeme Bylund
Michelle Mitchell
Lew Hills
Luke Bayley
Steve Muir
Hugh Lavery
02 May, 18
Phil Martin
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Kevin Watson
Jim Dillon
Grant Woodhams
Dan Crisp
Peter Svensson
Bruce Ralph
09 May, 18
Geoff Watson
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Scott Bennett
Robert Houwen
Tony Emmott
Raj Mavath
Glenn O'Brien
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