Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Greater Geraldton - Issue No.: 692 Issue Date: 8 Aug, 2022

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More images from our social meeting

With special thanks for the photos from Tom and Jim!

Jim's first photographic effort!

Woody clearly enjoying himself!

Author: Ian Taylor

Published: 17 July, 2022


Meeting Rosters
Setup & Door
Setup & Door
Guest Speaker Host
Invocation & Toast
Raffle & Rotary Cor
Guest Speaker Thanks
Fines Master
10 Aug, 22
Chris Bucktin
Dave Freeman
Charmaine Trezona
Terry Stewart
Russell McKinnon
Geoff Watson
Jason McCarthy
17 Aug, 22
Terry Stewart
Karen Godfrey
Phil Martin
Brenda Van Rensburg
Tom Maina
Robert Mosel
24 Aug, 22
Bob Urquhart
Geoff Wood
Grant Woodhams
Terry Stewart
Laurie Dines
Hugh Lavery
Peter Sukiennik
31 Aug, 22
Dave Freeman
Terry Stewart
Chris Bucktin
Don Rolston
Geoff Watson
Ross Baietta
Russell McKinnon
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